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Siuslaw BlanketWe are always looking for quality alpaca fiber (20-30 microns) in ALL colors.   Fiber that is 2-5″ long is preferred, and fiber must be free of debris and relatively clean.   Please see our Fleece Collection Standards document for more information on how to care for, shear, and package your fiber to maximize your return on investment.

Each bag of fiber MUST include a 2014 Fiber Collection Ticket.   You can also Join ABP  at any time if you are not a member. We will pay for shipping if you have 500 or more pounds of blanket fiber too, so work with your neighboring farms to make your own collection site. The complete list of collection sites will be posted later this spring.

Fiber sorting reports will be sent directly to you electronically after the sort is done. Please make sure your e-mail address is up-to-date.

Fiber Payment Rates:

Muirnin fleece close up 2-23-13

Huacaya Grade 1 – 3: $5.00 / lb
Huacaya Grade 4 – 5: 3.00 / lb
Suri Grade 1 – 3: 3.00 / lb
Suri Grade 4 – 5: 2.00 / lb

Fiber that does not meet these requirements, but is still usable will be paid at 50 cents a pound.  Fiber that is rejected due to excessive debris, second cuts, contamination, heavy primaries, etc, will not receive payment. We sort thousands of pounds of fiber per year, and cannot return rejected fiber to you simply due to the large volume of fiber that we have.

It is our commitment to have an open-door policy with our Members whereby we will keep you informed as to the changes and conditions of the Project as much as possible.  If you have any questions, please ask.

The FLEECE COLLECTION STANDARDS are intended to provide clear guidelines to alpaca breeders, shearing contractors, and shearing staff with regard to best practices for alpaca fiber shearing, clip preparation, and fiber sorting and grading standards for processing by the Alpaca Blanket Project. By following these guidelines, growers can ensure that they obtain the maximum value for their clip each year by meeting the needs of ABP and the manufacturers they serve.

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