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 What We Do
The Alpaca Blanket Project works with alpaca farms all over North America.  We collect their fiber, sort it, grade it, and combine individual animal’s fleeces in larger, commercial size lots. In short, we are alpaca fiber buyers and brokers supplying alpaca fiber to the American textile industry.

We are passionate about working to create and sustain a viable American alpaca textile industry.  ABP is one of the few alpaca fiber brokers working with a mill that is known world-wide for producing high-quality American made textiles.  Check out our Online Store to see our products, or better yet, visit one an ABP Member Farm Store near you!

Alpaca Fiber Wanted
There is nothing more beautiful than the rich colors of natural alpaca fiber.  We are seeking fiber in ALL colors, from white to black and everything in between.We are also looking for fiber that is 20 to 30 micron AND two to five inches long.  We accept fiber all year round, and send out payments twice a year.

Our last two collection years have been bountiful, and we are not currently accepting fiber.  We expect to be able to take fiber again in the summer, once some shipments leave.

Most of the fiber we collect is sent to Pendleton Woolen Mills where it is made into beautiful blankets and scarves. Other product lines are being developed as well.

Interested in Joining the Alpaca Blanket Project?
New farms are always welcome!  Visit our Join ABP page for more information.If you can collect 500 or more pounds of fiber, we will even pay for shipping! Being a regional collection site is a great way to meet and network with neighboring farms.SAMPLE-BANNER.jpg


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